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How to Determine the Current Selling Price Point of Gold?

Gold coins are insanely popular right now. Gold bullion coins hearken back to the days when the American dollar was backed up by the gold standard. Gold is also an incredibly consistent performer. The value fluctuates here and there, but it has a formidable rate of return. It is also a fantastic way to keep money secured. Investors know where it is, what form it is taking, and who will buy it. Though the performance value is good, the current value can change. Buyers need to know how to determine the current value of gold in their community.

Firstly, the premium value is different from the market value. The market value usually indicates the bare minimum gold can be purchased for. The premium is the average price the gold is selling for in third party sellers.

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The current value of gold changes intermittently, so it is up to buyers to do the proper research and discover what the current value is. There is no clear way to find market value, unlike something such as Bitcoin. Gold is a commodity for those who ask, why invest in gold coins? With that said, there is one clear way to discover the current (or appropriate) value of gold at any given time. is a useful resource to get a baseline value. Gold will rarely be found at a local outlet at that exact value. The gold seller has a margin of their own. They use the market number to get a base, and add their margin as they see fit. The number an investor should pay ranges from about 5% to 10% of the stated value. Of course, this is just a rough base. The premium can change depending on the current economic climate, the city, and employment. For example, there is a presidential election going on. Investors are bunkering down, which may tighten up the prices of gold in 2016.

The source of where the gold is coming from will largely determine the current price. Buyers should purchase gold bullion investment from a reputable source, and not a cold caller or an unvetted third party seller.

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